Series: Flight

Flight is a series of abstract works inspired by that moment when we stand at the cusp of something new - like a bird perched atop a cliff or a branch of a towering tree, we find ourselves on the precipice of the familiar, looking into the distance of the unknown. To fly is to take a leap of faith, an act of leaving what may be comfortable - that safe, assured ground beneath our feet - for a chance at something  new, something that we do not yet know. Wrapped in that moment is a bundle of emotions: fear, apprehension, excitement, and above all: hope.

To embrace the idea of flight, we must carry the dream that wherever we land next, we will be better than when we first started, and be willing to let go of some portion of what we know, treasured as it may be. To fly, we must learn to let go in order to reach further shores.

It was in this spirit that this series, Flight, was created.