Series: Vanishing Worlds

The "Vanishing Worlds" series was created in the midst of challenging times, a period that required us to make huge adjustments in how we lived as individuals and as a society. I, like everyone else, experienced of a lot upheaval and uncertainty. How would we emerge from this global phenomenon? How would societies look like at the other end? Was there such thing as "the other end"? But amidst the disruptions, there was goodness that arose as well - simple acts of humanity and generosity that wouldn't have surfaced as easily in times of bounty and ease.

I drew strength from these glimmers of goodness and hope. And it was this spirit, this resilience of our humanity, of kindness, that I wanted to portray most in this collection. I wanted the paintings to reflect that turbulence we all experienced but, above all, I wanted them to offer up the notion that even if things were irrevocably differently from now on, it may not necessarily be a worse world we would step into. Disruptions of this scale don't happen often, but when they do, they offer opportunities to change the way we do things, to fix what was broken in our systems. In that light, perhaps the strange and unfamiliar world we are stepping into is strange and unfamiliar for the right reasons - because it can be better than the one we knew before.