A Note on Sustainability

Sustainability is something that has loomed large in my mind since the age of 6, when my mum took me to the library and we borrowed a book about our planet's environment and resources (she would probably say that "I borrowed the book" instead of "we borrowed the book", but I'm fairly sure she was gently steering me in the way that mothers do).

I remember being so moved by the book at the time that as soon as I'd finished the book I wrote "save the planet!" on small slips of paper and dropped those notes from our flat's window. At the time, it had seemed like a good way of spreading the message (the irony of promoting conversation whilst wasting resources/creating litter clearly did not occur to six-year-old Jane). 

Today, I'd like to think that I've wizened up somewhat, although my belief in the need to protect the planet's well-being remains unchanged. There are choices we can make both as a person and as a business that can help build a healthier, more sustainable world. At Jane Peng Art, this applies not only to the materials that we use to pack and ship our art, but also the businesses and institutions that we in turn support.


To reduce our carbon footprint, we use environmentally-friendly packaging materials. The products we have sourced to protect and deliver your painting - including the bubble wrap, internal padding, packing tape, and external box - are all recyclable.


Every year, we donate a portion of artwork sales to a non-profit organisation focussed on environmental sustainability and conservation. As such, your acquisition of artworks here on Jane Peng Art also helps to advance the long-term vision of sustainability that we strive to achieve.

The core criteria for selection of the environmental non-profit is:
1) to be actively conducting activities that relate directly to environmental sustainability/conservation.
2) to have a strong track record of fiscal responsibility; annual administrative expenses should not constitute more than 8% of revenues, including donations received, for the same period.

If your organisation would like to be considered to be the recipient of the 2020 donation, please get in touch here.